Art and Empty Store Fronts

Returning home last night after viewing Art Chicago left me with a host of thoughts. It was very stimulating to see so much art, some of it wonderful and some of it leaving me wondering why they bother. The scene felt very subdued compared to the hussle and bussle and of last year ( they had 5 shows last year instead of the 3 of this year). I missed the Artist Project, where I had exhibited the past 2 years but was happy to have the time to take in other artists' work.

I have had a keen awareness of all the empty store fronts in my community as a result of the downturn in the economy. On the drive home I was thinking of all those empty stores and all the artists I know who would love to have their work seen and how it would feel, as a pedestrian, to walk past a window of wonderful art verses a sorry reminder of our economic woes.

I contacted the chair of the Evanston Arts Council this morning and guess what! I got and email stating,"...We actually are embarking on that project as we speak.... and should have Evanston artists work in the Orrington/Church area within the next month or so." How thrilling is that!

I would urge you to fill your empty neighborhood storefronts with art...a win ~ win for everyone involved.