Thank You Frida Kahlo

I had the privilege of visiting Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City in 2005 while on a staff trip with Chicago chef Rick Bayless. I was so excited about going there and had all these preconceived ideas about photographing the space, only to learn that no one was allowed to photograph inside the home. I did, however, make a few images in the garden.

What really peaked my interest and curiosity was how Frida Kahlo embedded ceramic vessels along the outside of the house, I am assuming to attract nesting birds.

I spent time gardening this past weekend, watching and listening to the many birds that passed thru my garden. I then realized that I could try to create a nesting area, similar to what Kahlo did, only on our garage. I have yet to know whether any of the local birds will be drawn to making their homes in these baskets but it sure is fun to anticipate the possibility!