Water Works

Return to Dark Waters

I have had a lifelong love of water and spent over 40 years visiting a particular lake in Northern Wisconsin. I know it well. The season for water lilies is fleeting, as is the light. I head out at daybreak, camera and paddle in hand as I skim the surface of the water. I am drawn into another world, as the fertile, primordial muck at the bottom of the lake gives rise to new life.  Their beauty astonishes me with their geometric forms and musical rhythms. Water lilies are my "equivalents," abstract manifestations of an inner state where the unknowable resides…

"Imagine how the lily (who may also be a part of God) would sing to you if it could sing,
if you would pause to hear it.
And how are you so certain anyway that it doesn’t sing?"  - Mary Oliver, At The River Clarion