First 100 Days

The marking of Barack Obama's First 100 days is a good segue into an upcoming exhibit, The Night Hope Won, opening May 8th. A fellow Chicago photographer, Doug McGoldrick, put out a call for images that were taken at Grant Park election night. I was there, and of course, had my camera with me. So I responded, sent him some of the work and am included in the exhibit along with Suzette Bross, Patty Carroll, Peter Barreras, Jennifer Greenburg, Jason Lazarus, Jay Wolke,Roark Johnson, Jeremy Lawson, Chester Costello, Richard Lesh, David Wittig, Ricky Havlik, Nancy Beale, Stephen Vallera, and Julia Clark. The first showing will be in Cleveland, Missisippi. I have hopes that the work will be exhibited at a venue closer to Chicago too.

Doug has published the book on Blurb and created a blog on the exhibit.
I still marvel that our country has such an amazing person at the helm!