Ragdale Day

I know I have talked a lot about the Ragdale Foundation on this blog. This is, in part, because the residencies that I have had the privilege of attending have truly transformed my work. As I mentioned before, it is an "in between" place where transformation and alchemy abound. The campus, located in Lake Forest, Illinois, will be open this Sunday to everyone. This is a unique opportunity to see a place that is often sequestered from the public view.  You can see where novels such as The Time Travellers Wife and Loving Frank were written.

A few of the activities for Sunday include a performance by Khecari Theater, Rhino Reads (including the one and only Ralph Hamilton),  poetry reading by Cajun Poet Beverly Matherine with music, conversations with best selling authors, art demonstrations in studios along with refreshments provided by chef Linda.

    This video was just released which shows the before and after of the newly renovated Ragdale House. Please watch it...you will understand why I am so passionate about the place.

This Sunday, June 3rd from 12 - 4pm the Ragdale. Hope to see you there!