Steven Barritt

I just love Rembrandt portraits so I was thrilled to come across Steven Barritt's work, Anachronisms.


In Steven Barritt's words...

"Anachronism - "The representation of someone as existing in other than chronological, proper or historical order."

"This series of images aims to explore the historical and contemporary relationship between painting and photography. Inspired by the paintings of Rembrandt and other old masters I wanted to recreate the mood and feel of those paintings within a contemporary photographic image. At the same time as emulating the tactility of a painting I wanted to retain the basic precept of photography in its ability to render exceptional clarity, definition and subtleties of colour."



"The sitters are all young artists, musicians or actors and represent a new generation of artistic talent who have broad concerns in many areas of study. They represent a return to renaissance feeling where specialisation, the dominant thinking of the last century or more, is slowly giving way to a more holistic view of the world where science and technology are perceived through more artistic, poetic, philosophical and mathematical eyes. Photography is a representation of this feeling being a culmination of Art, Science and technology and provides the perfect medium to express this sensibility."


"The sitters are deliberately made to appear out of their ordinary clothes and are posed and styled to elevate them from their everyday appearance. This provides the sitters with a noble and dignified appearance and generates an ambiguity of time, giving them a timeless and yet of a time quality. The ennobling and immortalising of these young men creates an interesting dialogue between the historical context of production in portraiture and the contemporary value of photographic portraiture. All paintings and photographs can at best hope to produce is a superficial surface rendering of the object. These images are my subjective interpretation of the sitter and yet a sense of the character of each sitter comes through the images."



Oh how I would love to have my portrait taken by Steven!