Gregory Crewdson

I have been aware of Gregroy Crewdson's work for some time now but just recently read on twitter that he will be teaching at Yale University in their photography department. It peaked my interest in him so I decided share some of his work.

Crewdson is best known for elaborately staged scenes of American homes and neighborhoods and often has up to 40 crew members helping him to create that perfect shot. There is an interview I found on you tube where he describes his process, which I am including at the bottom of this post. I am also including a few quotes from the interview which I found inspiring.

"What is important is trying to make this one moment as beautiful and mysterious as possible."

"In a lot of my pictures there is a preoccupation with what is beneath the surface of something."

"There is a tension between the ordinary and the strange that really attracts me."

"I like the twilight, the magic hour, but I think my pictures are very much about the moment between moments, between before and between after."

Here is the interview. What is amazing to me is the effort involved in creating the photograph. It is staggering.