Imagine think about a morning swim in Lake Michigan but with over cast skys threatening to burst open any moment you hesitate. You decide to put your bathing suit on and bike to the lake, checking out the swimming conditions, unsure about making the commitment. It starts to drizzle, oh so lightly. You park your bike, glance at the smooth surface and ask a fellow sitting on the bench how the water was...he said "fabulous." That clinches it.

I swim for some time, in and out of raindrops, enjoying seeing them pinging the smooth surface of the water, wishing I had my camera with me. I then see several feathers floating on the silky surface of the water, again wishing I had my camera.

So that is it....the feather floating so gracefully on the blue grey waters.

The mood? not unlike Harry Callahan's photograph of Eleanor in Lake Michigan.

©Harry Callahan

One more thought that keeps resurfacing that I wanted to share...

Diana Nyad at age 61 will be swimming from Cuba to Florida. Her personal challenge is stunning. The NYT ran an article about her midlife challenge a few weeks ago HERE. 60 hours of non stop swimming covering 103 miles!

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times