"Wholehearted and Vulnerable"

This 365 day photo project has brought up interesting issues for me, including feelings of vulnerability. When you photo journal everyday your life is more exposed. There are bound to be some average images mixed in with the not so good and great images. It leaves me with questions on the purpose of the project.

I came across a You Tube video (thanks, Val) which shed some light on the issue. In it Brene Brown, a researcher, storyteller and social worker talks about "leaning into the discomfort of the work." In order for connection to happen, we have to be seen, deeply seen and love with our whole hearts. She ends by talking about a practice of gratitude and joy and working from a place of "I believe I am enough." Being kinder and gentler with ourselves and others is the natural outcome.

For me, this is where life, connection and photography all intersect.

June 13 ~ Morning Light in my Studio

Here is the full TED talk