June 7 ~ Day 12

You know, it is not what happens in your life but how you relate to it that is important...your attitude and perspective toward what transpired. You can't change what happened but you can change how you think about it. It is all about perspective. This is what I was thinking about when I took this shot.

June 8 ~ Day 13

Thanks for all your support on the 365 photo diary. Looks like I am continuing...can't keep the flowers from blooming!

I chatted with Cathy about the Just Connect video (see previous blog post). She said she could see it available for people in high stress jobs that just need to chill out for a few minutes. Thinking about retitling it to....
Got Two Minutes? Just Connect
It would be great if it could be used to aid in helping people find some space of peace and relaxation. Please pass on the video if know where it might be of benefit to others.