This isn't exactly a photograph, it is a scan. Bending the rules a bit on this photo of the day but hey, whatever works. I decided to put this up because it illustrates for me what is MOST important in this life, connection. I actually have not opened the letter yet because I was so moved by the sentiment of the drawing by my 4 year old granddaughter and mistakenly thought that opening the letter would "break the seal" of the holding hands. Now I realize my thinking was a bit off.

June 1 ~ Sixty plus six

On another track, I mentioned I was reading Daybook by Anne Truitt. There is a quote that so totally sums up where I am today.
"The preemptive images that present themselves to me in my conception of my work are on a scale way out of proportion to my capacity to bring them into being."

I want to shoot some video and know NOTHING about it. The learning curve will be steep!