Sixty Plus Daily Diary

I just celebrated my 60th birthday and have decided to create a daily visual journal for the next 365 days. The purpose is to force me into paying closer attention to my life and everyday miracles. When I first conceived of the project, it seemed like too much work. Doubts came streaming in with lots of reasons why it would be too much trouble to pursue. The idea was put on the back burner.

Then, 2 events collided that made me realize this was to be.

First, my flip cellphone broke a hinge on my actual birthday. I had resisted buying an iphone as I thought it would demand too much from me. HOWEVER, what I did not realize was how much fun the camera and camera applications were. At the 60 plus one day, I found myself with the new iphone at a local diner in Northern Wisconsin and a prolonged wait for a table. I pulled out the iphone and took what would be the very first photograph of the diary.

May 27th ~ Sixty plus one ~ I am open to the possibility that anything is possible.

Secondly, after unforeseen circumstances, I found myself with a book, Daybook by Anne Truitt. I have just started reading it and have been struck by its resonance to my life …. “This anguish overwhelmed me until, early one morning and quite without emphasis, it occurred to me that I could simply record my life for one year and see what happened…” It is uncanny how things fall into place if you are listening.

Day Two

I have driven along a road in Northern Wisconsin for 35 years, always attracted to a run down, unusual building that had long ago been a mink ranch and then a chicken coop. The property always appeared abandoned, until today. I drove by and saw a group of people having a picnic. I thought to myself that I could ask about photographing the property but really felt too shy, so drove on. Then I thought about this daily visual diary and turned the car around. The worst that could happen is they could say no.….the rest is history. What I loved about the space was how decrepit it was and yet the light streaming into the space was so amazingly beautiful.

May 28 ~ Sixty plus two

May 29 ~ Sixty plus three ~ Elsewhere