Happy Spring

The sun is out and it feels like I am in the full spring cleaning mode. I am thinking more and more about working in mixed media and realized that I did not have the studio space I needed. After some time to consider my options, I decided to clean out a storage room that was filled to the gills with boxed artwork, furniture, suitcases...you name it. It was a major undertaking. I relied heavily on FREECYCE and could not believe how quickly people came over to pick up various sundry items.

What I love most about this newfound space is that it is OFF THE GRID! No computer, no internet, no phone! A departure from the workspace I am used to...which I now consider my "dry" darkroom. It reminds me of the working conditions I had during my artist residency at Ragdale, which is where my art jumped by leaps and bounds, in part because I did not have the distractions. I am excited about having created this newfound space that was just waiting to be unearthed!

These photographs of tulips were taken a week ago at the Chicago Botanic Gardens where the Toast to Ragdale Benefit was held. The field of flowers were breathtaking and the canon s90 did a nice job of conveying their amazing colors.