I have so much to say but have not had the time or space to articulate it.

This year has been amazing...the latest chapter involved caring for my parents, aged 90 and 91, after my mother's cardiac complications. I spent 3 weeks with them, one of which was in a hospital where they played the Brahams Lullaby every time a baby was born. When I first heard it, I thought they were trying to subtly tell everyone it was rest time! It was a wonderful reminder of the life cycle.

This was the monarch butterfly arrangement I placed in my mother's hospital window. Much to my surprise and delight I was witness to the real thing fluttering on the other side of the window pane.

The three weeks were filled with so many moments of grace. I feel fortunate to have had the time with my parents and felt completely in the moment. While there, I was reading a review of David Foster Wallace's new book, The Pale King. In it he states,

"Happiness... is the ability to pay attention, to live in the present moment, to find “second-by-second joy + gratitude at the gift of being alive.”

What else is there?