Dream Deep

Late last year I started dreaming on how I wanted to celebrate my 60th year. I thought about intention, direction and focus, with an eye toward trying to deepen my spiritual practice. A pilgrimage to an historically significant site seemed desirable. What transpired over the past month was something I would have not imagined, even in my wildest dreams.

In mid December, my sister sent me an email with 3 words in it...John of God. I had no idea what she was talking about but quickly learned about this place in Abadiania, Brazil that she wanted to visit. Next thing I knew, I was on route to Brazil. Here is an article, Leap of Faith: Meet John of God about the experience which is more articulate that I could ever hope to be.

I returned home for 5 days, met with my critique group, tidied up a bit and set out again to Southern India. This trip had been in the works for a time and was based on a New York Times article, Houses of the Holy, by Guy Trebay. I am back just 24 hours and am wondering if the last 2 weeks really happened.

so much to reflect on...
but for now I am taking it minute by minute.