The Work Day

I need to focus on my work. Yet there are so many distractions. I am writing a post for a blog in Germany which is taking lots of time...and yet, it is important for me to hopefully inspire others. While working on it I received an email...

"I just want to thank you for your thoughts that you've shared in 2010. I found them inspiring and constructive. I've been encouranged so many times."

The timing could not have been more welcome.

And then I received a phone call this morning from a writer friend who just returned from 40 days of solitary writing in Mexico. When I answered the door, he had a lightness about him. He said his workday followed the rhythms of the day. He would wake up in the morning, walk, write, walk write..etc. I know exactly what he was talking about... the time and space you need for the creative life. He then handed me an envelope. When he left I opened it. It was the culmination of his time in Mexico and the title was "FLUTTER."

I can't wait to read it.