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Curator Names 2010′s Most Exciting Photographers

Rebecca Senf, a photography curator at the Center for Creative Photography and the Phoenix Art Museum, made her 13 top picks earlier this year.

Here is her list

Jane Fulton Alt – The Burn
John D’Agostino – Empire of Glass
Desiree Edkins – Lishui
Cheryl Hanna-Truscott – Protective Custody
Dave Kennedy - The Twelve
Benjamin Lowy – Iraq – Perspectives
Rita Maas – Reality TV
Adam Magyar – Urban Flow
Andrew Freeman – (Manzanar) Architectural Double
Robert Weingarten – The Portrait Unbound
Melvin Sokolsky – Bubble Spring Collection
Evan Baden – Illuminati
Richard Misrach – New Work at Pace/MacGill Gallery

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