Blogging From Berlin ~ Part 3

Berlin is such an amazing city. It is grand, elegant, quaint, vibrant, boxy, dazzling and endlessly fascinating.

I am so impressed by the power good art has on the psyche, mind and body. Yesterday was the first day using a 3 day continuous museum pass and there is just no way to get thru all the museums, even in a week. After 3 museums and 6 hours on my feet, I was feeling quite tired and fatigued. I was reinvigorated, again, by visiting the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum where I view an Anselm Kiefer work IN Germany! He is one of my all time favorite artists. I was first introduced to his work the Art Institute of Chicago.

And what fun to see an Andy Warhol!

On Heidestrasse Street I thought I had exhausted all the galleries and then I stumbled upon the Haunch of Venison Gallery. The show was titled Das Gift, works by Yoko Ono...and what a gift it was! Focused mostly on performance and conceptual art, she asks for the viewers participation to heal the world of violence, a universal concern.

A Large canvas with rips and cuts in the canvas, inviting the viewer to help in mending oneself and the world.

Seven coats hang at the very end of the room, all belonging to people who were wearing the coats when they were shot point blank from close range.

Art, done well, has the power to transform.