updates on Crude Awakening

One of the benefits of having attending the BP protest in Chicago a few weeks ago was meeting Thomas Frank and his family.
Thomas is an artist and has been living under the shadow of the BP plant in East Chicago, Indiana for some time. He has a blog, http://blog.thomasfrank.org/ with incredible information on it. When I contacted him earlier in the week he was "in Detroit at the U.S Social Forum working on a response to the TAR SANDS, another horrible no good disaster BP is deeply involved in." Please check his blog out.

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I also received a link from a friend, Lapham's Quarterly essay on Henry David Thoreua's Walden Pond:Living Deliberately which has much relevance to our world today.

from PBS NEWSHOUR Rundown

I am currently working on getting a Crude Awakening You Tube video posted. Stay tuned. Again, all my work up to date can be seen HERE.