Email from Debbie Flemming Caffery ~ Media Access 'Slowly Being Strangled Off'

My Dear Friends,

I know all of you are watching the Gulf Oil Spill disaster...

From what I can tell the President did not see the marshes where the oil is pouring in. He went to a fairly clean beach with a few tar balls on it with a staged scene of a clean up crew that were bused in by BP. They were wearing straw hats with a band of the American Flag.

Please read this
and see how the media is being treated! I had my license taken down and press info for taking a photo of a Halliburton sign by a guard who was with an US Army officer.

I moved back to Louisiana a month ago. I have to say my homesickness had gotten severe the last few years.

I am asking everyone to please help my state once again. I think the best way at this point is to write the President and all of your public officials and stand up for Freedom of the Press which is being controlled by BP and the Coast Guard is tangled up in it!

Wishing you all the best,
Debbie Fleming Caffery

© Debbie Flemming Caffery

...another terrible heartache