Parting Shots of the Ragdale House

In all of her imperfections, the Ragdale House never looked more beautiful than it did last night in the closing party, prior to the much needed renovation. There was music wafting thru out the house as guests sipped their wine, conversing about the importance of supporting Ragdale, an incredible artist retreat that nourishes our collective heart and soul.

Susan Tillett , Executive Director and Jack Danch, Director of Property

I had been asked to show my Burn portfolio in Alice's suite and talk to the guests about Ragdale, an easy assignment as I am passionate about the place. It was particurlarly poignant for me as the Burn series began at Ragdale and many of the photographs had been taken in the prairie that was visible from Alice's bedroom window.

It was wonderful to get feedback on the work. I had just had Burn No. 49 printed 30" x 30" for an upcoming show at the Cordon Potts Gallery. I was especially pleased when one viewer said, "I can smell it and hear it."

Ragdale is an extraordianry place that supports the creation of our collective culture. It is the 4th largest residency in the US and draws writers, musicans, playwriters and visual artists from all over. I met a few residents who had just arrived for their 2-4 week stint last night. I was so excited for them and can only imagine the transformations that will take place with their work there.

Ragmuffins from my first residency

It is a magical place where anything can and does happen.