Bittersweet ~ Who Knew

Who knew back then, at the tender age of 18, that bittersweet would be the defining theme of my life. I have been preparing to teach a workshop this weekend at Ragdale and in doing so, have reviewed my journey as a photographer. I remember attending a leadership training workshop in Cape Cod during the fall of my freshman year in college and the landscape was covered in bittersweet. It was my first time truly away from home, when the "whole" of life revealed itself. There was a crashing realization that not everything was what I had thought it to be. (I was so intrigued with the name of this beautiful two toned plant, that I actually carried it in my wedding bouquet).

I am fascinated by dualities that I perceive in life... self/other, mind/body, male/female, good/evil, active/passive,....and it goes on and on. The Eastern religions embrace a belief in non-dualism, suggesting that dualism or dichotomy are illusory phenomena. So very interesting....

Wisdom Tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
Between the two my life flows.
----- Nisargadatta Maharaj