Greetings from New Orleans

Here few of the highlights from New Orleans...

I went to the L9 community art center in the lower ninth ward where Chandra McCormick and Keith Calhoun have their Studio. They lost many of their negatives after the storm but are reclaiming their lives. So great to finally meet them. And their work is awesome.

Mural at the New Orleans American Museum of Art, Culture and History

Second line parade Monday morning at 9:30 am!

Louisiana State Museum where I took a morning yoga class overlooking Jackson Square.

Christmas parade on on Canal Street.

On route from the airport there is a billboard that says be sure to check out the "miracle on Fulton street." I finally made it over to the one block to see this christmas extravaganza. They had a bubble machine blower that simulated snow...I guess that was the miracle.

Stay tuned for more on the New Orleans art scene...