I had the privilege of attending a screening in the HBO NYC screening room this past weekend of the soon to be released blockbuster movie, Precious, thanks to my nephew who is one of the executive producers. You may know already that it has been winning multiple awards in all of the film festivals and is not only backed by Oprah Winfrey but she is going to spend the first week in November discussing it on her show. I had heard it was a great film but I was totally blown away by it. It breaks thru barriers on so many levels and is an amazing artistic feat. The viewer is transformed as is the main character. The film masterfully encompasses the "all of it," embracing the dark AND the light in an uplifting, honest portrayal of a teenager with everything stacked against her. The director's interpretations of the psychological states of dissociation were beyond brilliant. To say that the film is hopeful and compelling is an understatement. It is about the human condition, compassion and love. A MUST SEE. It opens on November 6th.