After the Storm @ The Chicago Cultural Center

The time has finally arrived. Four years ago I went down to New Orleans as a social worker to help out with the relief efforts post Katrina. After a personal meltdown, I decided to photograph what I was seeing, with the hope of helping in a more concrete way by giving others visual access to my experiences. It was the very first time I had worked with a digital camera and the first time I felt the pictures found me. I had a vision for what I needed to do and am happy to report that it is now fully realized. There is an exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center that opened this past weekend. I am thrilled with the way the show, After the Storm, was mounted. The curatorial staff of Gregory Knight, Lanny Silverman and Greg Lunsford were amazing to work with. If you are passing thru Chicago, please stop by to see it. If you know of venues outside of Chicago that might be interested in the exhibition, please let me know.

Jane Fulton Alt © Not As Seen on TV

Jane Fulton Alt © Mardi Gras Warehouse

Jane Fulton Alt © Wedding Portrait

Jane Fulton Alt © The Blue Cup

Jane Fulton Alt © Polaroid

Advanced copies of the book will be for sale at two Chicago book signings, this coming Thursday night at 5:30 at the Chicago Cultural Center and at the Book Stall in Winnetka on October 20th at 7pm. The full shipment of the books will be in the University of Georgia Press warehouse by November 9th, at which time they will be completing orders from the internet sources such as Amazon, and University of Georgia Press. I also have two book signings in New Orleans on December 5th, at Octavia Books and the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery. More info is here.

Jane Fulton Alt © Genesis