The Sparkler Saga

So I mentioned that I just attended a family wedding and I LOVE SPARKLERS... often using them in birthday cakes. I decided it would be great fun to have them at the wedding. There are fireworks stores in Wisconsin and while I was vacationing there this past summer, I bought a bunch for the wedding. I shipped them out to Seattle.

The night of the wedding celebration it was raining. It was agreed by the powers that be that it would not be a good idea to light them in the wooden lodge. However, at about 12:30 am, I saw that some of the bridal party were lighting tea lights and the next thing I knew, the sparklers were aflame, lighting up the pathway for the "get-a-way." I have never been happier to have my camera with me.

The next morning, I stopped by the lodge and what do I see???? A box full of the remaining sparklers. I can't just leave them, so I pack them in our carry on luggage.


As we go thru security at the airport, I get stopped. A report gets filed and the police are called in. I am now considered a possible terrorist suspect. The officers ask if "I am wanted" to which I reply, "yes, by my 89 and 90 year old parents waiting for me outside security to complete our travel back to Chicago." WRONG ANSWER! I also learned that it was illegal to ship the sparkers thru the US mail. I plead with them to look at my compact flash card so they can see I innocently used them for the wedding.


I am now awaiting the brown US government envelope informing me of the next step (warning, fine or court hearing).

I must say, though, I am tickled pink to have these two photographs....