on water and air

Seagull © Jane Fulton Alt

One of my very favorite things to do in the summer is swim in Lake Michigan early in the morning before the life guards arrive, allowing me to swim to my heart's content along the shoreline for as long as I desire. This morning was particularly wonderful. The water was choppy and the seagulls kept dipping down to see if I might be edible. Once they were within "birdseye," and realized I was in fact, not edible, they continued on their search.

I also had a close encounter with a formation of 12 geese, flying within 2 feet above me, hearing the soft flapping of their wings. I felt like I was in the Winged Migration movie. It was thrilling.

AND THEN there was the Chicago Air and Water Show...The jets came in overhead and I was in such a state of awe, paddling around in the waves watching all these amazing flying objects. I was reminded of a Chicago photographer, Ryan Zoghlin's portfolio, Airshow, as he artfully documents these amazing feats of mankind.

Images © Ryan Zoghlin, Air Show