on Chicago, the Olympics and Flying

There has been much in the news these days about the politicians of Chicago trying to woo the Olympic committee to choose the city as the location for the summer Olympics of 2016. I happened to be in the city early one morning and saw a glimpse of this image under the Michigan Avenue Chicago bridge.

It looked like a bird in flight to me. Totally understandable as I was on my first day on the job as a volunteer for the Chicago Bird Collision Monitor program. Every spring and fall migratory birds pass thru Chicago. They can fly from as far away as South America and back, only to slam into mirrored office buildings in the city. I wonder why I, and so many people do this work. (Thank you, Ingrid, for telling me about this program). All I can say for sure is that I am fascinated by, and feel an affinity to, things that fly...birds, dragonflies, butterflies....

I am happy to report that on Tuesday morning there was not a single bird to rescue.