On Brian Ulrich

Long overdue.
Brian Ulrich's work has been consistently recognized. His name keeps resurfacing for well deserved awards including the most recent 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship in photography.

© Chicago, Il 2003 Brian Ulrich

Look Familiar?

© Chicago, Il 2003 Brian Ulrich

"In 2001 in response to a national call for citizens to bolster the American economy through shopping, Ulrich began a project to document consumer culture. This project, Copia, is a series of large scale photographs of shoppers, retail spaces, and displays of goods. Initially focused on big-box retail establishments and shoppers, the series expanded to include thrift stores, back rooms of retail businesses, art fairs and most recently empty retail stores and dead malls." from wikipedia

Chicago Place Mall 2009 © Ulrich

There are certainly an abundance of empty store fronts to photograph now. I feel like his work is incredibly timely, well seen and shows history in the making. Thank you Brian!

Value City 2008 © Ulrich