In Treatment ~ Second season tonight on HBO

Couch No.3

I love this TV series...not just because I happen to be in the field but also because it is so well done. If you ever wondered what it was like to be in therapy, this gives you a pretty good insight. The acting is fab and the stories are very compelling. There was a nice article in the New York Times this morning on the series. Also, you can get the first 3 months of HBO for free! Worth signing up!

Talking No. 3

I had a really good time, a year ago, doing an installation for The Artist Project in which I recreated my office and lined the walls with photographs from this series.

It was the second time in my photographic career in which I melded my social work and photography professions. What I have gleaned from this experience is that as an artist, the subject matter chosen that is often most compelling is that in which the artist has an intimate knowledge of, or is very passionate about. Come to think of it, why would one spend time on subject matter that you were luke warm about!