Articles of Faith

Entrance ~ Dave Jordano

I just received an email this morning from a dear friend who lives in DC...
"We were walking to work this morning, and a block from our house, Obama was speaking at a national prayer breakfast (at the Hilton hotel). It is crazy to start walking, not quite yet awake, and run into secret service and the most black suvs with tinted windows you have ever seen fit into a hotel parking lot. We asked a cameraman what was going on and he said "Obama is praying for us".
Click here to read about it in the New York Times.Articles of Faith, Dave Jordano

Speaking of Faith, I have just learned about the soon to be released photographic book by Chicago photographer Dave Jordano titled Articles of Faith. The work is FANTASTIC. Click here to get to his website.
Dave states “This documentary project investigates the concept of how a sense of belonging and place can influence the development of a small segment of a community and helps preserve long-standing traditions of cultural and religious belief.”

Pulpit, Chicago Traveler's Rest Spiritual Church, 2006 Dave Jordano

Darius Himes, a Santa Fe based writer and publisher wrote a review of the work which is posted on his blog...
“The vast diversity of religious expression that is found on our planet stems, ultimately, from the vast diversity of humanity itself. Jordano’s photographs of Christian faithful and the houses of worship on chicago’s south Side are a telescopic view of the richness of spiritual sentiment and devotion that has flourished in one tiny corner of this vast, diverse landscape. The insightful and educative essay by Carla Williams is of particular note, perfectly complementing the tender gaze of Jordano’s images. Out of the specificity that these photographs of such particular places conveys rises a sense of binding unity. Worship of the Divine, no matter where it is found, is touched by the same set of universal human impulses and yearnings. The tension between the particular and universal is wonderfully captured in this book.”
Pastor Mallett's Back Room 2005, Dave Jordano