The Unveiling

Last night was the unveiling of the NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE exhibition/fund raiser at the Hyde Park Art Center. I did not realize how nervous I was until an hour before the opening. The couple who commissioned the piece had not seen it....

the drum roll......

here is the accompanying text in the exhibition catalogue.

"With my ongoing fascination with the human condition, there is no greater satisfaction than to attempt to capture the "connection" people have with each other, especially when love is involved.
Trying to make the intangibe tangible. Working with Curran and Young was a delightful experience, pushing me to reconfigure my photographic equipment so as to capture the "feel" of their relationship.
Surprises awaited me. The work was conceived in a manner which allowed the imagination to play in the dark recesses of the image while accentuating the light and sensuousness of their relationship."