The Invisible Age

Tomorrow night Leaf Study No. 1 will be exhibited at the Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco at a group show titled The Invisible Age, Photographic Self-Portraits by Women Aged 50-65. I am pleased to be included in a very thought provoking show.

" What is the invisible age? To a large extent it’s a phenomenon of our society, which sees and values younger women for their beauty and energy and also sees and values older women for their wisdom and character. But, in the eyes of this same society, the 50ish to 65ish woman is of little value and practically invisible.

But, what we’re dealing with is not a purely external phenomenon. The invisible age is also internal. It’s an age of transition, when women often must go through the unsettling process of redefining who they are to themselves and to the world."

The work I submitted was created last fall. It was only after I saw the call for work that I realized that Leaf Study No. 1 could be viewed as a self portrait.

To see more of the work in the exhibition, go to LensCulture.