Happenings in Oberlin

Just returned from a short trip to Oberlin, Ohio. Lots happening there! Visited the Allen Memorial Art Museum and saw the Chris Jordan exhibit, Running The Numbers. Very important work for our times, as is Brian Ulrich's of Chicago. It makes you reflect on our consuming culture.

Also, thought I would share the work of Marie Barnett, an artist who has a lot to say about artmaking...here is her artist statement and a few images of her work..

R e s i l i e n c e :

1. an ability to recover readily from change, depression, adversity, misfortune, or the like
2. the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive illness or stress

My work in Resilience is inspired by the healing and therapeutic qualities of art and art-making. I am on a constant search for the essence and spirit of emotions, and how they translate into the process of creating and seeing art. All processes and changes we experience are embedded with intangible feelings that often lead us on a search for unknown answers to profound questions. Within these processes I see beauty and a sense of wonder that can make even horrible things, such as the decay from disease or illness, whether it be physical or mental, appear spectacular. I am interested in the ways our body and mind experience and observe these changes, and how we respond to them and create within them a space or image that comforts us and answers our questions. Creating an identity or entity for these intangible processes, whether it is for cancerous cells or a depressive episode, is a critical aspect of the healing process.
How do we define a personal illness in visual terms? How do we perceive process, and healing? What transformation results from a journey of growth, decay, and their healing? My work aims to not necessarily answer these questions, but form an outlet and visual solution for navigating and interacting with these inner experiences.
M a r i e B a r n e t t