Creativity and Fear

I would like introduce you to Richard Olderman who can
share some of his discoveries about life and
creativity. Lets begin with a simple question...WHAT

The realization that for one to be genuinely creative may require that one become un-attached to oneself and to become lost in the moments of creation . To allow other forces to guide one into territories unknown and be transposed to places only dreamed about or imagined. Before one even thinks about making their creative, or perhaps hidden self public, one has to breath in the moments of discovery, what it is they see , and be prepared to let go of what they have uncovered about themselves. Art Blakely once said that when one has infused their soul in a creative act, when it is finished and shared with another, it then belongs to everyone. I have experienced many souls who pause at the
"moment of discovery" and balk at going beyond what they already know. Taking action to be creative is a journey into the unknown. To lose the self you are most conscious of, can provoke feelings of becoming lost, or perhaps even quiet thoughts of non-being. When this "unknown" is experienced the possibility of new birth can occur and one can actually begin to evolve in a way more consistent with their original nature and, in fearless sharing, begin to reveal their unique selves. There is more than a little courage needed to expose who you are.
I do wonder at times what is not art. Can you tell me?